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About the current generator: All-in-one tool that you need for creating breath-taking, original and detailed art with Midjourney. This prompt can generate instructions for Midjourney, as well as improve and polish already existing ones. Even if you put very little data, the tool will add more details and create extremely powerful instructions.
22 Nov 00:29
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[SUBJECT] [DESCRIPTION]: An astronaut in a space suit is walking towards a raging storm on the surface of Mars. [BACKGROUND][BACKGROUND DESCRIPTION]: The red planet's rocky terrain can be seen in the background. The astronaut is heavily backlit by the storm, creating a dramatic silhouette. [ART MEDIUM][ARTIST]: Photographed by Annie Leibovitz [ART STYLE]: Professional Photography [TECHNICAL DETAILS]: Studio lighting with artificial softboxes to mimic the harsh lighting conditions on Mars [IMAGE QUALITY]: Cinematic, classic, posed, detailed, award- winning image. [ASPECT RATIO]: ar 2:3
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Subject: A mystical forest guardian, half-human and half-beast, standing in a moonlit clearing. The creature's eyes glow with ancient wisdom, and ethereal spirits float around it. Illustrated by fantasy artist Brian Froud. Created with digital painting techniques, vibrant colors, and intricate details. Fantasy, painterly, magical, high resolution. --ar 16:9 Subject: A futuristic cyberpunk cityscape with towering skyscrapers and neon lights reflecting off wet streets. Hovering vehicles zoom between buildings, and the city is shrouded in a perpetual mist. Concept art by Syd Mead. Executed using digital illustration tools, emphasizing urban decay and neon aesthetics. Cyberpunk, futuristic, detailed, atmospheric, widescreen. --ar 21:9 Subject: A serene lakeside scene during autumn, with vibrant orange and red leaves reflected in the still water. A small wooden boat is moored by the shore, and distant mountains are cloaked in mist. Captured by landscape photographer Ansel Adams using a large format camera. Analog black and white photography, emphasizing texture and contrast. Landscape, classic, nostalgic, detailed, high contrast. --ar 4:5 Subject: A steampunk airship soaring through a cloudy sky, propelled by intricate gears and steam engines. The crew, dressed in Victorian-era attire, is busy operating the ship's mechanisms. Artwork by James Ng, combining digital painting with detailed line work. Steampunk, illustrative, detailed, whimsical, high resolution. --ar 16:10 Subject: An abstract representation of artificial intelligence, featuring interconnected circuits and nodes illuminated with vibrant colors. Created by digital artist Beeple using generative art techniques. Geometric, modern, colorful, dynamic, high-quality digital rendering. --ar 1:1
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Copyright © 2023 PROMPTGOGO. All rights reserved.